We have already started with the rehearsals for the fifth season of "Las canciones del Oso Patalate". The Cd plus the musical comedy "El Oso Patalate "has been our very first school production. The songs from "El Oso Patalate "appeared so as to complement the first level Teacher's task.

There, the teachers will find complementary material to teach about food, colours, colonial times, different means of transport, etc.

All the songs have very simple language and the kind of rhythm so appealing to the young ones.

In the play we find Oso Patalate, Babar the Elephant, the children the postman, the fireman and other characters who travel by bus, by plane or by boat to get to the house of "Doña Ensaladera" (Mrs.Salad Bowl) to celebrate her birthday.


On the other hand "Plícate Plum", the new musical comedy masterminded by the authors of "El Oso Patalate" tells us about the adventures of "El Oso Patalate" and his friend Luz both looking for Luz's lost doll. After walking through the jungle, diving down the sea and travelling to the Rainbow in a spaceship, they discover a series of precious things which are just round the corner, very near to us.

This play, which lasts for approximately 50 minutes, is directed to a
2 to 8 years old. Audience, it has great staging and costumes and it presents new songs and appealing choreography.

The second season took place at the Actor's Studio Complex in 2003 and the last one took place on June 2005.



New songs and games to children in between 1 and 8 years old.