Coral 20 años

25 years of history of CORAL. School music through their classrooms, teachers, students and parents.
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Our school - Coral - started in 1992 and it was thought as a place where everyone could find his/her own language in
the never ending world of music.

Its director is Ariel Rozen.

What can you study in "Coral" ?

"Coral" offers all kinds of music classes for children, teenagers and adults such as piano, keyboard, guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums, percussion, violin, saxophone, flute, trumpet and singing.
Apart from all this, we have groups that start their acquaintance with music at a very young age: from a year and a half
old onwards. There are also singing groups for mothers and babies.
We also have instrumental and vocal ensembles, singing for teenagers and the adult choir. Besides, there are special courses for music teachers and even courses on musical appreciation.
In "Coral" there are musical groups for beginners, starting at the age of two. These beginners - who work together in small groups- come once a week.
The main idea is to bring them close to the world of music and its magical sounds.