We work on three given areas

1) Ear Training
In this area and through different games, children learn to recognize sounds, tones of voice and instruments. They also learn how to appreciate silence. We teach them about speed (quick and slow) intensity (high and low) and height (deep and high-pitched).

2) Voice Training
Singing has a very important place in our classes.

We help the students to sing in tune taking into consideration the lyrics, the melody itself, rhythm and tonality.

At the age of two, the song to be tought will consist of one stanza, with a short range of notes. Gradually, the songs will grow in complexity.

3) Rhythmic Training
In order to include rhythmic notions we use our body and several percussion instruments.

With our body we can follow the pulse or the accent of
a melody.

With percussion instruments such as triangles, maracas, tambourines, xylophones, boxes, güiros and so on, we
can reproduce a wide range of rhythms.

All three objectives mixed together in each class. For example we build our own stories, as if we were in the cinema, but instead of watching the film, we make it through sounds. The children are the ones who provide the sounds, voices and movements.



What do the little ones do in our Beginner's groups?

Each week we start a trip in a magical vessel which goes round the world so as to meet and to know the people that inhabit it, their tastes, their music and their different rhythms.

It's a trip throughout time and space and its purpose is to know about the evolution that took place in music: the sounds done by the primitive man, music performed during ancient times, during Renaissance, also classical music, modern music, rock & roll, jazz, tango and rap.

It's a trip related to nature, to the four seasons, to the cold, the rain, the sun and the moon. It's a trip that takes us to the mountains and sometimes to the sea.

In order to be able to travel to those places, we learn different kinds of songs, we tape them, we climb onto the stage and we sing with a microphone.

So, we learn to listen to ourselves and to others, to reproduce different qualities of tone and sounds. We play all the instruments in a rhythmic band, from the toc-toc to the metalophon , also the cymbals, the triangle and tambourines. We use our body to stress different rhythms. We create our own stories and give them their corresponding music, but, above all this, we enjoy the sharing of an activity with friends of the same age who also love music and want to have a good time with music.

Sample of Music for Beginners