The link with music through the human voice is a beautiful entertainment that only requires a certain knowledge which is very easy to learn. In "Coral" we find singing groups for pre-adolescents, adolescents, and adults.
The singing groups are aimed at people who like to share this kind of activity. In the case of pre-adolescents and adolescents the classes usually start with brief vocal exercises, then we check the repertoire which has been previously selected by the students. They also get recorded tracks so as to keep on practicing whenever they find a fit.

The adult choir consist in a weekly meeting which lasts for an hour and a half. After some time practicing with some vocal techniques , doing some exercises, sharing the weekly news, having a coffee, we start rehearsing. The themes are varied, either in Spanish or in English, with arrangements specifically aimed for 3 or 4 voices. The singing activity is complemented with classes of musical appreciation, didactic concerts and groups choirs. Besides all this we have 2 annual concerts and the recording of a CD in mind. This year we are planning to intensify these meetings with other choirs. This is because we consider they are a worthwhile and very challenging activity as well.

Sample of
Singing of Coral School


Singing to 3 voices and guitar

Saxophone trio